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Glucose vs Allulose

what is allulose?

Discover the incredible rare sugar called Allulose. The same C6H12O6 molecule as Glucose but not metabolized by your body resulting in 0 grams of sugar but the exact same taste and flavor profile as sugar with no artificial or bitter aftertaste.

AlluVites Holistic Nutritional Health

nutritional Health

We start with lab tested active ingredients and combine this with our great tasting vegan blend of pectin and allulose to create a variety of supplements to support your total health needs. Incredible tasting gummies safe for diabetics and keto diets.

Uncompromising Nutrition

We start with our own proprietary formulations backed by research and work with our FDA approved lab to produce accurate dosage supplements using the highest quality domestic sourced ingredients available.

Sugar Free AlluVites made with allulose

Sugar Free

Sweetened entirely with Allulose, our gummy supplements taste exactly like sugar based gummies with no artificial after taste. Keto and Diabetes safe.

AlluVites Vegan Pectin Gummy Vitamins


Our gummy supplements use pectin derived solely from fruit. Unlike many gummies that use gelatin which is derived from animal by-products.

AlluVites Gluten Free Gummy Vitamins

Gluten Free

Many gummy supplements contain glucose derived from wheat and contains gluten. Our allulose sweetened gummies are naturally gluten free.

Organic Ingredients With Great Taste.

An uncompromising approach to every single ingredient. The core gummy base is made with organic pectin and sweetened with Allulose. This results in a completely vegan and gluten free supplement that does not add to your glycemic index yet tastes identical to traditional sugar based gummy supplements.

delicious Gummy supplements

Custom supplement formulations made with vegan ingredients and sweetened with Allulose creates great tasting gummy supplements with no artificial aftertaste.

AlluVites Calm - magnesium & melatonin sugar free gummy vitamin


A subtle blend of magnesium and 5g Melatonin. Take about 30 minutes before sleep for a calm nights rest.

AlluVites Digest Probiotic Support - Apple cider vinegar, ginger, probiotics sugar free gummy vitamin


Our probiotic formula that combines ginger extract to help improve overall digestion. Gluten free and vegan formula.

AlluVites Immune - Elderberry, B12, Zinc, Vitamin C sugar free gummy vitamin


Includes the proven immune boosting Vitamin C, Zinc and Elderberry. Take daily for immune boosting protection.

AlluVites Focus - B12 Green Tea Extract energy gummy sugar free gummy vitamin


Leveraging the slow release energy of our Focus gummy supplements which is a blend of Green Tea extract and B12.

AlluVites Glucose Support - Cinnamon, Milk Thistle, Chromium, Berberine HCI sugar free gummy vitamin

glucose support

Our unique blend of cinnamon, milk thistle, chromium and berberine hcl combine to help regulate glucose levels.

AlluVites Heart - Coq10 niacin gummy sugar free gummy vitamin


Pectin fiber gummy supplements with CoQ10, Omega-3, Magnesium,  Inositol, and folic acid help manage heart health.

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